Gourmet Meals

Gourmet Meals

Dining at Rancho NaturalistaDSC01229

At Rancho Naturalista dining is incomparable. The meats are farm raised and fresh. Vegetables are of the best quality  local produce available. Meals are served in a creative and elegant way. The steak is amazing, pasta is always perfectly cooked, the small round breakfast sausages are very tasty and spicy, the chicken is perfectly fresh. The flavors of every meal are outstanding and you will be delighted with the range of Costa Rican and International cuisine. The food is both delicious and authentic.

The Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff have been professionally trained in every step of food preparation to assure high quality. The attention and customer service is among the best in the industry, the wait staff is very attentive without being obtrusive.

Chef Vinicio at Rancho Naturalist

Salad, Vegetables and FruitDSC01225

Fresh fruit is always served with your breakfast and also at lunch. If you would like fruit instead of dessert at dinner please don’t hesitate to ask. You will be delighted to sample a wide variety of tropical fruit. Delicious sugar free fruit juice is present at every meal. Plenty of salad is always served and fresh tomato, avocado, and hearts of palm are just some of the ingredients.  We make our own salad dressings.


Don’t miss the desserts they are homemade, and mouth-wateringly delicious. These delightful creations are carefully prepared by our Chef each day. Many of the dessert recipes are unique to Rancho Naturalista. These are desserts to live for!

DSC01224Special Diets

The chef at Rancho is also incredibly flexible with a number of dietary restrictions. The requests for special diets are cheerfully accommodated for all diets including gluten free, lactose free, and vegetarian.

Family Style Meals

Mealtime at RanchoThe offerings are plentiful and the ambiance is comfortable. Meals are served family style, with a great variety at the table, so that each guest can select the dishes and quantity to their preference. After a long day on the trail it will definitely satisfying your craving!

All meals are included in your stay and we are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements.

If you like the food at Rancho Naturalista, we want to inform you that we offer Free Cooking Classes, please ask!